Commonwealth Crossing Business Center Tank & Sanitary Pump System

Henry County’s Commonwealth Crossing Business Centre (CCBC) is a mega-site industrial park located near Ridgeway, VA. The site officially opened in 2017; however, Wiley|Wilson’s history on the project dates back several years, beginning with initial design for Lots 1 and 2 and extended water and sanitary sewer service into the CCBC.

Most recently the firm completed final design for a 1-million gallon, composite, elevated water tank for the CCBC. Wiley|Wilson specified the control system for the water tank, which includes a SCADA panel in its base that features a PLC and HMI touchscreen; the sequence for tank fill operations; and telemetry for remote control of a valve station that supplies tank influent flow. Remote access software allows facility staff to securely access the SCADA system remotely via computer or mobile device. Alarms are displayed locally and delivered to facility staff via e-mail and text message. Currently the firm is also working with CCBC to install a sanitary pump system