South Fork Shenandoah Raw Water Line

Wiley|Wilson provided planning, design, and construction support services for multiple phases of the City’s Shenandoah Raw Water Line. These projects supported the South Fork Shenandoah raw water source development program. Our team performed several route studies and assisted the City with coordination between landowners, other utilities, and VDOT. We also supported City forces that self-executed several thousand feet of pipe installation and route preparation.

One of the City’s goals for the program was to systematically construct the raw water line in phases to take advantage of market conditions and other utility projects. For instance, the 256.3 project was executed as a number of sub-projects coordinated with road improvement projects. This allowed the City to leverage concurrent construction and to use local contractors with reduced overhead costs.

Another important factor to project success was minimizing cost through direct equipment procurement. We assisted the City with preparing and executing direct pipe procurements. This saved costs associated with contractor mark-up and sales tax as well as compressed project schedules.

Wiley|Wilson provided topographic and aerial survey, easement acquisition and stake out, utility location, environmental investigation and permitting, route study, preliminary engineering, material direct procurement document development, detailed design development, construction document preparation, and construction phase assistance.