Water System Improvements

Wiley|Wilson was brought to the Wintergreen Resort after the resort needed double their snow production capability — on time, within budget, and in an exemplary manner. Faced with an inflexible December deadline for addressing last year’s marginal snow making capability, the Wintergreen Resort and Nelson County Service Authority relied on our team to execute a typical 14-month project in just four months. Working with our contractor and vendor partners, the team fast-tracked all activity, from design through commissioning.  The end result was the most highly sophisticated snow-making system expansion in the Eastern U.S., just in time for a successful ski season.

Highlights of the project included removing 18,000 cubic yards of rock’ building a 5 million gallon water tank; constructing a 5 MGD – 700 psi pump station and commissioning 4,100 feet of 16-inch waterline.

Other significant project management events included international sourcing of specialty ductile iron pipe valves and fittings rated at 900 psi working pressure.  Pumps and piping were shipped from overseas vendors just in time for the construction sequence, despite multiple severe weather events that interrupted shipping and material fabrication.

Wiley|Wilson designed the original water supply reservoir for the Wintergreen community in 1947.  With the completion of this vital improvement, we take great pride in continuing our tradition of providing design expertise to strengthen our local communities.