Wiley|Wilson’s structural engineering services include structural analysis, design, repairs, modifications, and investigative studies. Designs include multi-story structures and deep pile foundations taking into effect vibration, shock loading, temperature, soil conditions, seismic zone, wind, and traveling loads. The firm’s work encompasses process facilities, corporate and office buildings, conveyor and crane systems, tanks, storage bins, piping supports, and towers for power distribution, communications and aviation.

We also perform structural analysis and design of embankment and concrete dams. Analysis includes investigating stability for overturning and sliding, and material strength due to imposed loading conditions. Designs for dams and other water impoundments include concrete spillways, embankment and spillway armoring, retaining walls, inlet and outlet structures, fish ladders, gates, concrete valve vaults, and hydro-power stations.

Our firm is highly engaged in sustainable design practices and is in a strong position to work with you to identify practical and economic sustainable structural design solutions. This may relate to structure type, material selection and specifications, or overall site impact solutions.