Finished Water Storage Tank

Wiley|Wilson’s team recently replaced 22 MG of finished water storage tank for the City of Harrisonburg as part of their effort to improve distribution system water quality, reliability, and security. This work culminated in design of two 5 MG and one 8 MG AWWA D-110 finished water storage tanks. Project work included network evaluations, pressure zone modeling and fire flow analysis, concept planning and preliminary engineering reports, geotechnical evaluation, real estate procurement and permitting, tank design, and construction contract administration.

Our strategic guidance and support enabled the City to qualify for ARRA stimulus funding of the final 8 MG tank project; where they obtained a zero interest loan with 50% principle forgiveness resulting in direct cash grant of $1.1M to the City’s CIP, one of only 20 projects in the State selected for this funding program. We also were able to present the project as qualifying for “Green Reserve” status, helping the funding agency achieve targeted fund distributions for sustainable project designs, resulting in the City achieving the USEPA Region IV USEPA Aquarius Award for sustainable infrastructure projects.