Town of Warrenton Stormwater Utility Development

Wiley|Wilson provided professional engineering services to assist in the development of a stormwater utility structure for the Town of Warrenton. As a new MS4 permit holder, the Town is now under significant scrutiny from state and federal officials to provide steady funding for the new administrative, operational, and TMDL related stormwater activities that the permit requires. Wiley|Wilson’s scope included:

  • Reviewed stormwater program funding needs
  • Used existing GIS information to identify inaccuracies in the GIS parcel information and correct the impervious data that will be linked to the utility fund development
  • Reviewed Single Family Residential (SFR) & Non-SFR fee structure options
  • Reviewed crediting options
  • Facilitated and provided administrative support for the stakeholder group meetings
  • Presented recommendations to Council at the conclusion of the stakeholder group sessions
  • Attended strategic planning sessions with Town staff to review and gather data

The stormwater utility was approved in June 2020.