Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Study

Wiley|Wilson provided a sanitary sewer evaluation study (SSES) of the Vista Acres and Sheffield sewersheds in the City of Lynchburg. These sewersheds are comprised of approximately 70,000 LF of sanitary sewer collector mains primarily constructed of clay pipe. Our team worked closely with City staff to identify the project goals, deliverables, and schedule to develop a targeted program of field investigations.

The result? A project which included an extensive evaluation of the City’s institutional knowledge as well as a phased approach to field investigations. The field investigations included a comprehensive survey of the existing infrastructure as well as targeted NASCO manhole inspections, manhole checks, smoke testing, pole camera manhole inspections, dye testing, CCTV inspections, and chemical root control.

Wiley|Wilson targeted approached resulted in the cost-effective identification of remediation recommendations for inflow and infiltration abatement.