Sewage Pumping Stations

Wiley|Wilson designed, assisted with permitting, bidding, and construction phase services for the North Stafford Industrial Park and Old Route 3 Sewage Pumping Stations (SPS). These projects involved the replacement of existing sewage pumping stations that had reached or exceeded their useful life. Both new pump stations were submersible pump stations, complete with standby diesel generators, telemetry, pig launch, and standardized controls. The North Stafford Industrial Park SPS included replacement of a portion of the existing force main for a pump station that pumps to it and installation of a new force main to the receiving gravity sewer. The Old Route 3 SPS involved the design of retaining walls and stairs to produce a two level pump station so that pump station could be located above the 25-year flood plain and the controls and standby generator could be located above the 100 year flood plain. Both projects required stormwater BMP’s and review by Stafford County’s Planning and Zoning Department. Both projects also required the existing pump station to remain in service while the new pump stations were constructed; both within very small footprints.