Burton Creek Interceptor Sewer

The Burton Creek Interceptor Sewer is a medium diameter interceptor sewer in the City of Lynchburg that serves Liberty University and the fastest growing area of the City and adjoining Campbell County. The high level of growth in the sewershed, as well as the deterioration of the interceptor has caused significant capacity issues.

To address the challenges of this interceptor sewer main, Wiley|Wilson has embarked on a program to identify the current level of service (LOS), to establish a target LOS, develop alternatives for LOS achievement, and to generate remediation plans for the selected alternative.To accomplish the goals of the project, the Wiley|Wilson team provided a comprehensive evaluation of the interceptor’s condition, utilized 60 years of rainfall data to establish the two-year through ten-year storm return frequencies, and evaluated multiple remediation alternatives utilizing the City’s Info SWWM model. Throughout the development of these scenarios, our team focused on alternatives that balanced the increase in LOS with implementation costs and the impacts to the downstream sewer infrastructure.This balance allowed our team to provide the most cost effective solution that provided regulatory protection.