District 4 Recreation and Parks Center

The Clayton County Recreation and Parks Administration Center consolidates two existing facilities into one. It is part of the Clayton County International Park masterplan to revitalize the parks use.

This unique recreational facility will be at the corner of the park to help draw people into the park. The recreation center was designed with a lodge theme and uses materials such as wood beams, glass and stone. The District 4 recreation center will include a lap swimming pool and multi-purpose rooms that will house a variety of activities. These activities include crossfit, yoga, weightlifting and art classes. There is a grand atrium with a rock climbing wall and a children’s area. There is even a fireplace and lounge for relaxation.

The Administration offices are located on the upper mezzanine. There are views of the outside and of the recreation center lobby.  Offices, cubicle spaces and a large conference room are located upstairs. This facility will serve as the County’s recreation facility and will also house the County’s Parks Administration staff.