Photovoltaic Parking Garage

In an effort to restructure energy use around renewable sources Wiley|Wilson teamed with Siemens Industry, Inc. on the installation of a new 400 photovoltaic panel, 100-kilowatt array above a five level parking structure. The 100-kilowatt array produces an annual energy output of approximately 136,000 kilowatt-hours, or 13 percent of the annual energy output of the parking garage.

The work included architectural renderings, analysis of the existing precast parking structure for increased gravity and lateral loads, design of the AC electrical components, construction documents and detailing, and cost estimates.

We also designed changes to the deck lighting in the area of the arrays to provide desired illumination of the deck and ramps without shading the photovoltaic panelĀ from the sun.

This project is one of many examples of a successful green energy design completed by Wiley|Wilson.