Integrated Science Center Electrical Design


The College of William & Mary’s Integrated Science Center was established in 1968 with the opening of Millington Hall, which houses the Psychology and Biology departments. Rogers Hall, built in 1975 and situated next to Millington Hall, houses the Chemistry department. Both halls contain classrooms, teaching and research laboratories as well as administrative space.

Phase 1 of the Integrated Science Center (ISC) was completed in May 2008 with Phase 2 being completed in February 2009. The facility provides interdisciplinary space to support grant funded research; the Applied Science Department; elements of three other departments (Biology, Chemistry and Psychology); space for the emerging, interdisciplinary program of Neuroscience; classrooms and administrative space.

In 2012, Wiley|Wilson was brought to the team to provide services for Phase 3 of the facility, including the addition of a greenhouse on the roof of Phase 2 and the modification of the south façade of Phase 2 (old Rogers Hall) in order to comply with the Campus Design Guidelines.

Wiley|Wilson provided electrical design services for the Phase 3 facility, minor renovations/modifications to the existing ISC 1 and ISC 2 facilities , and the new greenhouse facility. Our scope of work on the project included design of the security and teledata system infrastructure and the design of the electrical power system; including power distribution, power connections to HVAC equipment, power connections to A/V, fire alarm, and building control systems. An extension of the emergency communications system was design by the team as well and the overall emergency power system.