Nationwide Electrical Study

Since 2007, Wiley|Wilson has worked with the VA, performing comprehensive analyses on the electrical distribution systems of a series of Medical Center campuses across the United States. These campuses are typically large and spread out, with many buildings and a medium voltage distribution system interconnecting the various buildings.

At each Veterans Affairs Medical Center, our first focus is on the medium voltage system. It is critical to understand and accurately model this system since it is the basis of each of the other building models. We look in depth at the service switchgear and its relaying and protective scheme to ensure that we have a good understanding of the approach used in coordination. We also verify transformer fusing at each pad mounted transformer or unit substation, again for the purpose of accurate modeling.

Because of the hospital environment and the mission critical nature of these Medical Centers, understanding and correctly modeling the medium voltage system is essential so that we obtain accurate results throughout each of the building low voltage systems as related to short circuit current calculations, protective device coordination, arc flash incident energy calculations, and load flow simulations.

We also use our system models to verify that system equipment ratings are adequate for available short circuit current expected at each point throughout the system. System deficiencies are identified and recommendations are made for improved performance and reliability.