Howard County Courthouse

Wiley|Wilson, as a member of the Edgemoor-Star America Judicial Partners team, is providing MEP design services for a new, LEED Silver-certified courthouse in Howard County, MD. The new facility will replace the 175-year-old existing facility.

The firm will design the mechanical systems, design and model the building’s electrical components, and perform advanced commissioning and advanced energy modeling. These designs will feature LEED-oriented approaches like LED lighting and electrical vehicle charging stations.

A unique aspect of the project is the inclusion of the finance and maintenance team, which expands the design viewpoint to the 30-year mark. This shift allows the team to incorporate newer, longer-lasting elements and technologies into the design.

The 230,000 SF courthouse will feature additional courtrooms and spaces for jury and staff members. New safety and security elements include a large area for screening and separate hallways and elevators for prisoner use.