Wastewater Treatment Plant | Nutrient Removal

Wiley|Wilson worked with the Town of Orange to construct a greenfield 3.0 MGD nutrient removal treatment facility adjacent to the Town’s existing 1.5 MGD trickling filter wastewater treatment plant. Wiley|Wilson provided professional services including permitting and financial planning, preparing a preliminary engineering report, preparing final design documents, and construction phase services.

The upgrade and expansion project will provide a completely new liquid stream treatment process that includes a 4-stage Bardenpho activated sludge treatment system. The 4-stage activated sludge treatment system is coupled with insitu chemical phosphorous treatment to meet effluent nutrient limits of 4 mg/l total nitrogen and 0.3 mg/l total phosphorus.

The project included construction of 1.5 MG of NRT process volume. The NRT process included fine bubble diffusion, submersible mixing and process monitoring.

Additional unit processes constructed as part of the project include a new influent pump station, headworks screening and grit removal, cloth-media tertiary filters, UV disinfection, mechanical de-water (belt filter press), aerobic digestions, and a laboratory and control/operations building. Supplemental carbon storage and feed facilities designed for Methanol use were constructed to meet the requirements set forth in the flammable and combustible fire code (NFPA 30), and the requirements set forth in the International Fire Code and International Building Codes.