Sports Center Energy Analysis

Wiley|Wilson has been providing multi-discipline design support to American University since 1997. As part of these multi-disciplined services we have provided numerous studies and design efforts related to energy upgrades and energy conservation measures campus-wide. Most recently, American University contacted Wiley|Wilson to perform an energy analysis and evaluate options for the replacement of the air handler units that served the Sports Center, which had not been updated in years and had exceeded its equipment life expectancy.

As part of the energy analysis and evaluation recommendations were made to improve system performance and enhance energy efficiency by replacing old air handler units with new energy efficient units; addressing performance, reliability, and maintenance problems; and implementing the following energy conservation measures.

  • Converting constant volume air handlers to variable air volume type
  • Reducing outside air
  • Evaluate plasma air cleaning
  • Updating controls and metering
  • Commissioning

With the improvements and energy conservation measures, American University has saved over $10,000 annually in operating costs and increased energy efficiency to the Sports Center and conservation capacity in the campus chilled water system. Wiley|Wilson also submitted a grant application on behalf of the University, which saved them over $30,000.