Consular Compound Security Upgrades

Wiley|Wilson, working in partnership with Oudens + Knoop Architects and DesBuild, Inc. contractors, provided engineering design services for compound consular and security upgrades to the US Consulate in Hermosillo, Mexico. The security upgrades included the following components:

  • New vehicle and pedestrian CACs
  • Hardening of existing guard booths
  • New vehicle sally ports with stationary bollards, anti-ram sliding gate and under-vehicle inspection lighting
  • New anti-climb perimeter fencing
  • New anti-ram wall
  • New 15-minute rated protected areas
  • New Visa pass-back booths and teller booths
  • New Force Entry Ballistic Rated (FE/BR) windows, doors, and louvers
  • New mechanical systems in existing guard booths
  • New pedestrian queuing area with canopy and anti-climb fencing
  • FE/BR windows and interior office renovation on the main floor level of the Consular building.
  • New concrete enclosure (i.e. extension of terrace) over the existing Service Area on the east side of the Consular building