Bedford Area Welcome Center

Wiley|Wilson’s architectural inspiration for the design for the Bedford Area Welcome Center was drawn from the rural farming community that Bedford represents. The materials specified, as well as the rooflines, cupola, and exposed structure, all signify rural structures found throughout the area as well as those along the nearby Blue Ridge Parkway. The interior exposed structure reflects the tone of many of the lodges found on the Parkway and the clapboard siding and cupola are reminiscent of the farmhouses and barns that still oversee the pastures and meadows of Bedford County.

The Bedford Area Welcome Center provides the City and County of Bedford with a facility to welcome visitors and serve the community. It is a space that showcases Bedford’s past, present, and future. The building has been referred to as the flagship for future Visitor Centers throughout the Commonwealth and is a recipient of an American City and County magazine’s American Crown Community Award because of its diverse program and its example of city and county governments working together. This facility’s use has surpassed everyone’s expectations and visitation has increased 300% above the previous year’s record.