Wiley|Wilson Commits to Work Appropriately

Many companies are either planning their return to the office or rethinking their RTO plans due to most recent COVID news. This leaves employees wondering what it means for them. Should I be back in the office full time, have a hybrid schedule, or can I stay remote?

At Wiley|Wilson, we are trusting our employee-owners to do what works best for them while continuing to meet our clients’ needs. Our President and Chief Operations Officer Neil McSweeney said the company’s approach will follow a simple, two-word guideline: “Work appropriately.” This means employee-owners and their managers will determine the work setup and schedule that is best for them and their projects.

General Motors CEO Mary Barra was praised for introducing the idea, with observers describing the plan as “brilliantly vague.” In our case, Work Appropriately is a natural fit for our ownership culture and its success will rely on several of our Core Values, like Accountability, Communication, and Engagement.

From a health and safety perspective, Senior Vice President Dennis Knight said the company will continue to tweak its plan to stay in line with CDC and state health department recommendations. “In general, policies will continue shifting over time toward a new normal, which will put responsibility on individuals to make sure they are taking appropriate actions to protect themselves as they have interactions with other employee-owners and our clients,” he explained.