Wiley|Wilson Celebrates Employee Ownership Month throughout October

As a 100-percent employee-owned firm, Wiley|Wilson is proud to join with other Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) companies this month to celebrate ownership. Organized by the national ESOP Association, Employee Ownership Month is an opportunity to educate employee-owners, elected officials, and the public about the many benefits of ESOPs.

“We look forward to October and the chance to celebrate employee-ownership and help people understand why this ownership model is so important,” explained Fred Armstrong, Wiley|Wilson Chairman and CEO. “Wiley|Wilson employee-owners take great pride in applying an ownership attitude to our business, from how we respond to customers to how we approach our projects.”

The company’s annual ownership event, Ownerfest, takes place during Employee Ownership Month. Employee-owners from all five offices spend two days covering ESOP- and ownership-related topics. This year’s event theme was Back to the Future. Attendees participated in different activities to gain a better understanding of how our ESOP operates and learn new ways to become more engaged employee-owners.

The company’s ESOP Ownership Committee, whose goal is to educate employee-owners about the ESOP and encourage ownership engagement, organizes Ownerfest each year. Along with that signature event, the committee also coordinates different ESOP-themed activities throughout the month, from chili cook-offs to ESOP-themed puzzles and games at lunchtime.

“ESOP companies have a strong track record of fewer layoffs, higher wages, and greater motivation. We want employee-owners to recognize what an incredible benefit our ESOP is for every employee,” explained Ezra Bailey, Chair of the company’s ESOP Ownership Committee. “Since the firm became employee-owned in 2000, employee-owners have embraced the ownership culture. Employee Ownership Month is a great opportunity to celebrate our ESOP and continue building and growing our ownership culture.”