Employee Stock Ownership and Savings Plan (ESOP)

"I like coming to work every day
and do not see it as work, but as something I enjoy."
Matt Pillow, EIT
Civil/Water Resources Department

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Our ESOP is designed to provide a beneficial ownership of company stock for our employees – the people who are primarily responsible for the success of the company.  The goals of our ESOP are to provide you with an additional means of accumulating funds for retirement as well as a meaningful stake in the company.  The ESOP gives you a unique opportunity with the possibility to acquire a beneficial interest in company stock at no direct cost to you.  Company stock may be purchased for you with the proceeds of contributions made to the plan by the company.   The amount of stock to be acquired will depend upon the amount of cash accumulated in the plan and stock availability.


What is the benefit of joining an ESOP company like Wiley|Wilson?


The benefits you get from the Wiley|Wilson Employee Stock Ownership and Savings Plan will depend, to a great extent, on your productivity and your length of employment with the company. The longer you remain with Wiley|Wilson the greater your interest in the ESOP will be.  Your ESOP account may be increased as often as annually by your share of the company’s contributions; therefore, it is hoped that this beneficial ownership opportunity will give you a personal interest in the success of the Wiley|Wilson Employee Stock Ownership and Savings Plan.


The success of the company depends on the teamwork and positive attitudes of all employees.  At every level of job responsibility, the efforts and devotion of all employees have created the success so far achieved and will help guarantee that the company remains successful.