Water System Modeling and Analysis - Various Locations

Ensuring the high quality water produced from our treatment plant designs reaches the consumer is a key focus of Wiley|Wilson’s water distribution engineering team. Using the latest modeling software integrated with existing utility GIS information and real-time field operations enables us to accurately model available water flows, storage needs and optimize storage tank performance, minimizing water age while balancing fire flow requirements. This work has been distinctly advantageous for the City of Harrisonburg and Lynchburg in programming new storage within the distribution system and optimizing pressure zone boundaries and pump performance.
  • Sustainable Water Supply Planning
  • Rate Studies, Drought Contingency, and Conservation Planning
  • Asset Assessment, Planning, Programming, and Budgeting
  • Intakes, Raw Water Pump Stations, and Transmission Mains
  • Alternative Disinfection and Pre-cursor Removal
  • Energy Management and System Optimization
  • Zonal Management, Storage Planning, and Pump Station Design
  • Pressure and Flow Modeling, GIS Integration, and Field Calibration
  • Contingency Planning, Operational Optimization, and Fire Flow Analysis
  • Public Liaison, Board Briefings, and Senior Management Services