Pump Station Design and Energy Optimization - Various Locations

Wiley|Wilson’s integrated team of civil, mechanical, and electrical engineers enable our clients to make strategic investments in pump station optimization, improving wire-to-water efficiencies through hydraulic analysis, piping improvements, and upgrading motors and electric drives. Integrating this work with our network modeling capability enables us to provide systematic optimization; utilizing the most effective pump stations and refining zonal boundaries resulting in immediate payback with minimal capital investment. Our team is experienced with working with simple lead-lag pump arrangements to complex, high horsepower, medium voltage pumping equipment.
  • Asset Assessment, Planning, Programming, and Budgeting
  • Intakes, Raw Water Pump Stations, and Transmission Mains
  • Energy Management and System Optimization
  • Lighting, Power, Security, and Communication Systems
  • Zonal Management, Storage Planning, and Pump Station Design
  • Pressure and Flow Modeling, GIS Integration, and Field Calibration
  • Contingency Planning, Operational Optimization, and Fire Flow Analysis
  • Grant and Loan Support, Permitting, and Compliance Services
  • Value Engineering, Project Inspection, and Commissioning