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Neil McSweeney, PE
Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a growing part of the design industry and Wiley|Wilson has made a point of being on the forefront of this technology. By working in a fully integrated BIM platform, a wealth of tools and options allow us to provide the best possible design. Tools that allow us to analyze the building model for energy efficiency early in the design process mean that we can modify the design when changes are the easiest allowing us to meet the needs of our clients.

Using conflict analysis tools to coordinate the location of building systems virtually saves time and money when the building gets to construction. By its very nature BIM promotes communication not only between different departments, but also with clients and contractors.

We pride ourselves on being open and willing to work with our construction partners and owners to provide them the information they need. Be it for pre-construction cost analysis, construction timelining and site logistics, or for Facility Managers to utilize the model as a post-occupancy one-stop shop maintenance resource. Whatever the size of the project, whatever platform required... Wiley|Wilson has the expertise to help our clients achieve their goals.






Flythrough of BIM Model for Central Campus 2 - Building C7
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Animation of Center for Advanced Engineering and Research

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